IT Service Management or ITSM, since its inception, has changed the way IT businesses are conducted around the world. With a set of managerial steps that aid in the planning, design, operations, and control of IT services delivered to customers, ITSM has streamlined IT businesses. This well-oiled machinery focuses on customer needs and IT service delivery.

DevOps is an approach that has primarily evolved due to the problem of continuous integration that IT organisations face. Development usually takes place in cycles, and operations teams usually face the challenge of integrating all these updates into the configuration. DevOps engages these two departments and eases this process of integration through a continual feedback system.

While some IT experts predict DevOps to be a passing fad, in actuality, ITSM and DevOps are originally a perfect match as they both focus on delivering value to the customers.

Here are a few reasons why we think ITSM and DevOps are great together:
• ITSM and DevOps both set their goals based on customer demand. While DevOps tries to increase the volume of services delivered by accelerating operations, ITSM eases the service delivery framework to build collaboration and operational efficiency.

• ITSM and DevOps can be integrated to increase their focus on customer service requirements while focusing on value creation. This is achievable when businesses bring in transparency and accountability into their processes.

• DevOps is all about improving the efficiency of the existing processes through clear communication. ITSM helps DevOps in this regard by eliminating the barriers in communication through a combination of process documentation and visibility.

• DevOps can also affect the ITSM areas of release, change, and configuration management, by having a security and readiness checklist of the deployment of new features. Any changes and deployments that are done need to be stored for future review.

• DevOps considers feedback as an important factor for making good decisions. ITSM also gives importance to feedback by storing all the application and infrastructure related data and using it to resolve any issues. ITSM also works to integrate Development into the areas of incident, problem, and knowledge management.

• DevOps and ITSM collectively work to create shared knowledge and capabilities wherever necessary. This helps in shortening and amplifying the feedback loops and also makes the stakeholders more responsible in handling their tasks.

All these approaches only prove that DevOps and ITSM are a perfect match in IT service delivery and in combination, can deliver value to customers and thereby boost their businesses.

Source by Niladri Choudhuri