There is no doubt that Affiliate Marketing is a business that works. You don’t need a lot of money or any money for that matter to start doing it and the returns on a small investment of time can be phenomenal.

So, what are the best and fastest ways to make money by Affiliate Marketing?

The first method is by promoting a product. This simply involves getting someone to pay for a service or product that they get, either by download or in physical packaging, which in turn generates a commission for you.

This is what Affiliate Marketing is at its core, plain and very simple to grasp, you can start making money very quickly and easily with only an investment of time.

The second method is by providing a lead. This one does not involve selling however. It involves only getting your prospect to provide information which can range from an email, a zip code, an application or a trial offer. This is what is called Cost Per Acquisition or more commonly “CPA”.

CPA and has the potential to make for you insane profits in a much shorter time, because a person is much more likely to be receptive to your offer if he doesn’t have to pay anything or only pay shipping for a free trial of a product they can keep.

There are many ways to make money by affiliate marketing, and depending on what path you choose to follow an online income you will make money fast or you will make it slowly. The bottom line is in both, YOU MUST ACT!!

Source by Jezreel Pigott