Primary concerns for OB/GYN residents can be regarded as:

1) Learning the practice of OB/GYN

2) Being adequately prepared to pass the CREOG exam and OB/GYN Written Board exam

This article discusses the latter consideration. While it is the residency program’s responsibility to provide much of the above, there are certain areas that are the sole domain of the candidate, and many residency programs will not provide this to their residents. What are these areas? Success in the CREOG and written board exams comprises 2 components:

1) Knowledge

2) Written Exam Test taking skills

While the residency program teaches general OB/GYN knowledge (which is obviously essential), the candidate should seek out a review course (at the appropriate time typically shortly before taking the written board exam) to review exam-focused OB/GYN knowledge. They should also make sure they are well armed in written exam skills. Such services are commercially available. The resident is warned to shop around since some companies offer this skills taking service free of charge with registration at their exam-focused review course, while others charge about $400 for this service in addition to their review course registration!)

Residents are also advised, where possible, to review questions from prior exams, since exam questions are commonly repeated. It is important to note that although the question might be worded differently, the knowledge base required to answer these questions remains essentially unchanged. Thus it is highly worthwhile to study the questions, but not necessarily the specific answers. It would be better to understand the issues involved in the question. That way, a candidate would be able to answer the question no matter how it was worded.

Source by Dr. Alvin Schamroth