Your business may exist in physical form, or you are doing it through a web site. Marketing fundamentals remain the same. Any business needs to advertise to carry the message across to a prospective customer. All forms of advertisement have one thing in common, i.e. ‘eye balls’. This is the basic tenet of advertising and free social bookmarking traffic also serves the same purpose.

Relevance of Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking has evolved as an effective tool to help the internet marketers achieve their objective. Traffic is what every webmaster needs and free social bookmarking traffic as the term indicates, come with little or no cost at all. Higher volume of traffic automatically leads to higher number of links and this makes free social bookmarking traffic even more beneficial.

Automating your submissions

For those who lack the time or infrastructure to submit your web site to different providers of this facility, there are SEO companies who undertake the job to generate the free social bookmarking traffic for you. The cost benefit analysis will vary in each case. These service providers charge a fee for a one-time effort and in the final analysis if you do not get the required sales volume that would be money lost for you. The next best thing for you then is to automate the process of submission by identifying an appropriate software. That would be a one time investment to help you reap the benefits of free social bookmarking traffic. Get busy, enjoy the profits.

Source by Fabian Tan