If you are looking for examples of niche markets, I can do no better than tell you what I have just seen in several free videos by James Jones. He made these videos to highlight 5 different ways to find profitable market niches that most others have not identified.

Here are some of the examples of niche markets that he showed in the videos:

lookup area code

lookup address by phone number

lookup a phone number

You’ll find those in the introductory video.

Then you find this next lot in the second video, which is about how to create one page websites to promote affiliate products which generate nice commissions:

world of warcraft jewelcrafting

world of warcraft jewelcrafting guide

Then in the third video (which is about using the software to identify keyphrases for creating residual revenue through AdSense sites), he found…

teak patio set

teak patio sets

teak bedroom furniture

and plenty more like that.

In the 5th video, which is about using Squidoo, James shows us how to found these niches:

download psp games for free

hoodia rapid gels

hoodia walmart

hoodia high blood pressure

hoodia results

Even in markets like hoodia that people think of as over-saturated, you CAN find tiny profitable niches that have been pretty much overlooked by most other marketers. We’ve just seen a few examples of niche markets like that. And there are many more. Take a look at the videos and you will see what I mean.

It’s not very often that I’ve seen such helpful videos, available free of charge, so I would like to thank James Jones for making them available.

Source by Gary Harvey