An organization is an entity where thoughts are implements in the actions and creativity takes the best route for final execution. In the pace of growth, productivity and business competition, organizations have started thinking on certain strategies that improve the process of organizational development. An organization is a perfect blend of several components that act together. These components include Employees, Management, Administration and above all the functional departments. The entire study of the organizational development revolves around these components. An organization development takes care of several factors at a time. These factors include:

• Products and service

• Additional Technologies

• Implemented Systems

• Business Relationships

• Organizational culture

• Management techniques

Strategists in an organization look upon the key strategies of the business to assess the organizational development scenario. These scenarios include legal business framework, business ownership, segmented sources of finance and engaged networks. Development across an organization can only be done by absorbing new knowledge base, acquiring more information on the subject matter, upgrading the management skills, and modifying the work culture.

If experts are to be believed, organizational development is a comprehensive process that carries several attributes in itself. An Organization Development strategy goes on a straight forward path to execute a number of things collectively.

• Comprehensive and planned process of organizational change

• Implementation of behavioral knowledge base

• Assessment of the change of organization culture

• Reinforcement of organization strategies, structures and processes

• Approaching long term institutionalization of new business

A value added organizational development process is devised in a very straight forward manner. The process recommends that an individual should be treated with full-fledge respect and dignity and the work culture in the organization premises should be decided and characterized by vital factors namely trust, openness and support. An organization is said to be developed if the problems and issues inside the organization are confronted and resolved without any disguise and avoidance.

An action research model of the organizational development is taken place in a strategic manner and comprises several consecutive steps. These steps include:

• Problem Identification

• Behavioral Consultation

• Data Gathering and Primary Diagnosis

• Key Client Feedback

• Collective Problem Diagnosis

• Joint Action Planning

• Final Data Gathering

All these steps are complete in it and help businesses to alter the structure of an organization. These steps make sure that work inside the premises turns more interesting, challenging and productive as well. All these Executive education strategy involve internal activities like job enrichment, job enlargement and formation of organizational structure. Team building is an important component vital to the functioning of any modern organization. The team members in the team include leader, investigator, motivator and system analysts. The roles of all these entities for the group work and depend on their levels in the team. Joint ventures of all these team members create a pathway for the organizational development.

Source by Sonu Parashar