The top email marketing tip must be how to write your email headline. Why? Well, if you are an internet marketer you will want your emails to attract attention so that the recipient takes action on whatever your message is.

You possibly want to make a sale but you should also aim to get names and email addresses on your email list to build future sales. That will only happen if you get your emails right and the most important part of that is the headline that the recipient will see.

It does not matter how good your list already is or how great your offer if your emails are not read. You can send thousands of promotional emails every day but if less than one per cent are read then you are not maximizing your sales potential. And less than one per cent is typical for many lower quality email promotions.

This email marketing tip deals with your email headline because that is the first thing your recipient sees. It is only when that headline has encouraged them to open your email message that they will see what you want them to read.

Anybody who gets a lot of email promotions in their inbox will probably never open most of them. Very many online marketing emails are written without any thought about the real reason for sending them or the process that the recipient will go through when they arrive.

Questionable headlines lose sales

Think about the marketing emails you receive. Take the most recent one hundred and look at the titles. What do they say? The most common one I receive states, “Notification of Payment Received”. Do I receive any money from that email? No, of course not because that title is intended to trick or scam people into opening it. As people do not like to be tricked they stop opening such emails.

I also see a lot of titles like, “Re: your username and password”. These arrive from companies with which I do not have a username or password and, as it is another trick that wastes my time, I never will do business with them.

You’ve probably also seen, “Secret system for you to make $122,456.32 in one month with only four hours work”. It is totally unbelievable. Any experienced internet marketer knows you cannot do that without a lot of hard work. The sender is treating people as gullible online sales opportunities, and not as people deserving of respect. They just want to make a quick sale of something that cannot possibly deliver what it promises. Their emails will rarely get opened.

When I receive an email with the headline, “Your $1997 order confirmation” I have to check just in case somebody has ordered a product I do not know about. Every time I discover it is yet another scam trying to sell something that invariably is over priced and with little possibility of doing what it promises.

Your skill should be utilized in thinking clearly about what you are selling, what it will do for your recipient and what you want them to do about your message. Then whatever you do it is important to be different from all those dubious email headlines. You must be seen to be different right from your headline through to the end of your email promotion.

It’s not difficult to do. All of those scam type headlines are written by people who have not understood how their email will be received. Then it is copied by others who cannot be bothered to do a good job with their own emails.

Headline copywriting is easy

Simply write two or three words to describe what you are promoting. An example could be, “List Building” which immediately tells everybody what your message is about. You can then add a few more words to encourage people to open the email. So your headline might then become, “List Building – How To Get Your Emails Opened”.

Immediately all those many people with web pages know the message might be important for them. If they have a website then they will probably use an email list. They will never pause to think, “Is this email yet another scam attempt”? The likelihood is that your open rate will be considerably better than those dubious sources will ever achieve.

Write your good headline by following this email marketing tip and you will build your list and make money online.

Source by Toby Carlisle