Ebook marketing is often considered a complex procedure. This forces numerous writers to relinquish their dreams in their very first attempt. In order to avoid such a scenario, let us discuss some tried and tested eBook promotional strategies.

Relate to the target audience

An effective eBook marketing strategy is to merge with the target audience. If your book is based on spiritual healing, you need to ensure that your subject caters to a section which can benefit from your healing process

Choose a related domain name

If you want to sell your ebook, you need a one page website which has a link to your ebook. It is interesting to note that the domain name should relate with the title of your ebook. So go ahead and choose a relevant name to have another eBook marketing strategy in place.

Learn to upsell

An effective eBook marketing strategy involves the need to up-sell your product. This can be done after having obtained the relevant contact information. Provide your readers with a free sample of your writing and send constant reminders about your ebook.

Create a payment processor

Once you have a website ready and a suitable domain name in place, its time to include a payment processor as well. The payment processor would be linked to your shopping cart and would permit valid sales. An effective eBook money-making tip is to collect money through your payment processor. These are some of the tried and tested methods through which a new writer can make a name for himself.

Source by Fabian Tan