Of course I speak of “hard” teaching vs “soft” teaching.

I first learned this from Ben Settle. Who in turn learned it from Matt Furey..

So what I’m about to tell you ain’t no pie in the sky formula.

Right, basically, “soft” teaching is where you tell people WHAT they need to do… and WHY they need to do it… but you hold back the HOW to do it part.

“Hard” teaching though, is where you give away the full whammy – The what, why, AND how.

And for you to make the most amount of money possible, you need to make sure you only “hard” teach the people who pay you.

With your email list, you should be soft teaching.

Look, you’re not a charity.

You’re a person who needs to put food on the table for you and your family.

So why on earth would you give everything you know away for free?

Just wouldn’t make sense.

Plus, you’re actually doing people a favour by getting them to pay, because no one values free stuff.

Yet if they pay for something, they’re gonna value it more.

Of course, don’t overprice your stuff.

Remember, people only buy dog poo in a can once.

But if you’re selling quality (which I hope you are), then you absolutely mustn’t undervalue what you’re selling, either.

So, yeah.

Soft teach to your list.

Hard teach to people who pay you.

And if you think your email list won’t appreciate your emails anymore if you don’t hard teach, just remember this magic formula:

Value + Entertainment = Money in the bank for you.

If you follow this formula, then not only will people on your email list actually enjoy your emails more, they’ll also be far more likely to buy.

Source by Tom Andrews