With the economy slipping, many people are finding themselves having to go back into the work force at a time when they didn’t expect to have to. So you may find yourself applying for the position of a retail greeter, but you’re wondering what you can do to make certain that you land the job.

For the position of a retail greeter, cover letters aren’t always required, however you should submit a cover letter for any position you’re applying for unless they specifically tell you not to. The reason for this is that a cover letter gives context to you resume. It interprets the resume for the reader, and gives them a reason to talk to you further. Essentially, your resume describes the product you’re selling – you. The cover letter does the selling. That is why it is so important.

If you’re applying for the job of a retail greeter, it helps to know how to write a good cover letter. As a retail greeter, your personality will be very important, and getting that to shine through the cover letter is key. By applying a few simple marketing tricks, you can greatly increase your ability to sell yourself and your abilities before you even meet the interviewer.

One such trick is using testimonials. Most people will say something like “I am friendly and outgoing” in their cover letter. However, it is much more powerful if you can draw on what someone else has said about you. For example “my previous employer, Bill Richardson said I was the friendliest person he’d ever met!” Make sure it is true, and verifiable. The power of this is that you gain the credibility of an impartial third party.  

Writing cover letters for a retail greeter position is no different than writing for any other position; you just need to apply proven (and easily teachable!) sales techniques and you can dramatically improve your chances of getting that interview. 

Source by Daniel Forsythe