One of the most common mistakes affiliates make is to send their customers straight to a sales letter. This can easily decrease your ClickBank profits unless you change your strategy.

In this article we’ll talk about whether or not landing pages increase conversions and how to implement them in your marketing strategy.

The first thing to consider when putting your marketing campaign together for the ClickBank product you’ve chosen to promote is how you respond to certain advertising techniques as a consumer.

The last time you purchased an information product online, what moved you to go from visitor to consumer?

It’s very rare that you or your customers will respond to an offer the moment it’s presented, unless the offer you’re presented with just happens to be the exact thing you’ve been looking for to improve your business.

Like I said it’s very rare. So how do successful marketers get around this and break down the barrier to buyer resistance?

Landing pages.

A landing page could theoretically be considered any page that your visitors land on when they click on your link. However rather than arbitrarily send your visitors in a haphazard way to an offer you are promoting, why not take a more structured approach?

The most effective landing pages are the ones that presell your visitors on the idea of pursuing the offer you’re promoting as the solution they need to get the results they are after.

So first and foremost it’s important to define exactly what problems the ClickBank product you’ve chosen to promote solves and determine whether or not it matches the needs of your target market.

Once you’ve determined whether or not the product you’ve chosen meets the needs of your target market, it’s time to develop your presell pitch in a way that hits the emotional hot buttons of your visitors and puts you on common ground with them, so they get the feeling that you understand where they are coming from.

The most effective landing pages do this well and increase conversions dramatically especially when it comes to promoting ClickBank products in various niches.

Source by Fernando Morales