I have learned so much in Network Marketing! Initially, you are overwhelmed with information. You want to start off your business the right way and you may not know where to start.

*Treat it like a BUSINESS! To feel like an ‘Official’ Business Owner you may want to get a Business License. Depending on how big you become in your MLM Business, you may also want to look into getting an LLC or Incorporate. Liability Insurance may prove beneficial as well.

*If your Network Marketing Business offers a Duplicable website you may want to invest in a domain name (usually $10 a year) and a Lead Capture page; the Lead Capture page will “capture” information such as a person’s name, phone number, and e-mail address. This will help you in recruiting others to your business opportunity. Depending on your network marketing company, they may already have a lead capture page available for prospects.

*Set Goals. After you set Goals, you need to have a Business and Marketing Plan to reach your Goals. Be sure to keep yourself accountable and motivated; challenge yourself daily by doing what you need to do in order to Succeed.

*Be sure you have the proper training and support from your up line; also utilize any marketing tools that are available in your network marketing company. Most MLM companies offer weekly conference calls on how to market and run your business. In your back office, you will also have marketing supplies available to purchase. Your up line should also be available at most times to answer your questions.

*The best way to recruit other entrepreneurs is by placing a classified ad in the Newspaper. The penny and thrifty ads work the best. Depending on the size of your classified ad, it’s normally just $30 bucks for a 3-4 week ad. Just remember to be consistent with your ads and contact your prospects as soon as they opt-in to your website.

*Keep this business SIMPLE! In the beginning I tried to over complicate the process. It’s not a difficult Business. Just run with it!

*Are you promoting a product or service? Be sure to use that product or service and enjoy it. That is why you joined the company in the first place- because you love the product or service that was being offered. It doesn’t make sense to be part of a business if you do not enjoy the product or service in the company. It’s always easier to promote something that you believe in.

*Be available for your team members. It’s important to offer them support in order for them to help promote themselves and build their teams. Answer any questions that they may have and check in on them every now and then.

Remember: in Networking Marketing your are in business for yourself but not by yourself. If you feel that you are not getting the help you need, talk to your sponsor or speak to someone higher than your sponsor so that you don’t end up losing out on working your business to its full potential.

Source by Jacquelyn Butler