Have you ever wished you know the secrets experienced article authors use to crank out articles upon articles in one day? There is no secret at all. You can do it too once you know how they do it. Best of all, it is hard at all.

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can write 3-5 more articles today. Heck, you can exceed your own expectation and write 7 articles if you really commit to it.

1. Find core topic

It doesn’t have to be a very broad topic. As you begin to write articles, you will find out you can expand on any topic as you want.

The easiest topic to choose is the one which you can turn into a list article. By list article, I mean it is in step-by-step or bullet points formats. This article is a perfect example of a good core topic.

It also helps if you are knowledgeable in the topic you’re writing about, or at least can share experiences with your audience. Not that you have to be a real expert, but a unique perspective about something can help.

2. List the steps or points

It is critical that you keep the momentum going. Instead of writing from the beginning to the end in that order, you can write the list of steps first. It keeps you in the flow. You should be able to finish the article much easier.

In this step you only need to list the steps. Don’t add anything yet.

3. Expound on each step

Do it one at a time. You don’t have to write long paragraphs. Three to five sentences per point are more than enough for concise article.

If you find that you keep writing in certain step, stop at it and write the idea down. It will be a good idea for your next article.

4. Finish the first article

Now it is time to finish the first article by writing an introduction and closing words for the article.

5. Repeat for each step and new idea

Do you think I can take each step above and turn it into a new article? You bet I can. If you follow the third step above and write down new ideas that come to you when they are available, you should be able to write even more articles.

While you are in the flow, start writing the next article. It is much easier than you might imagine.

Source by Hendry Lee