In addition to creating demographics, marketers target different psychographic groups in their strategy to sell a product. These psychographic groups help us understand the power of programming.  Each group has its own pain and pleasure triggers.  There are six main psychographic groups.   These are: The Struggler, The Emulator, The Explorer, The Socially Conscious, The Belonger and The Achiever. 

The strategy in addressing each of these segments is to either get them to move away from pain or to entice them towards pleasure. This article is going to take a closer look at The Emulator psychographic. Some of the sources of pleasure for the Emulator are sex appeal, appearing cool, fashionable, looking successful, materialistic, being part of the in-crowd and hedonism.   Some sources of pain for the Emulator are feeling unattractive, appearing un-cool, out of fashion, looking poor, sacrifice, or being left out The Emulators and the Strugglers are probably the best examples of self-doubt on a large scale. They are also the best examples of short-term gain for long-term pain.

Looking cool and appearing rich motivates an Emulator. They want the latest fashions, coolest cars and hippest gadgets. The cooler they look the better they can mask the self-doubt that is fueling the charade. Emulators want the appearance of being successful without investing the risks, work or time to actually create the wealth they try to flaunt. Instead, they go deep into credit card debt. “Big hat but no cattle” is a good metaphor to describe the Emulator. That is a classic short-term gain long-term pain strategy. Emulators are a great market to sell to because they will buy impulsively and with a skewered logic.

Coors Beer used to run commercials that showed beautiful women in bikinis playing volleyball on the beach. The screen would fill with an image of female physical perfection then she would fade out and a can of Coors Beer would replace her. The message is drink Coors, get sex. They never mentioned that a girl with that kind of figure doesn’t drink beer, but that would require thinking. Emulators are driven by based instincts of attraction, acceptance, and sexuality not logic. Their short-term gain (“put it on a credit card”) long-term pain strategy for life has resulted in a record number of bankruptcy filings for people under the age of 25.

If you are an Emulator, (you know who you are) make it a goal to get out of debt fast. Have a garage sale and get rid of the junk you have purchased and barely used. Start saving your money and work your way from faux-wealth to real wealth like our next segment, The Achiever.

Source by John J Graden