If you’re in the hunt for Amway success, or wondering how to succeed in Amway, you are not by yourself. Even though Amway has been in business for over fifty years, hundreds of individuals join each week, wishing to become the next Amway success story. Although Amway is noticeably still a fantastic business opportunity, we cannot deny the fact that just about 95% of new distributors never succeed in Amway. In this piece of writing, I’m going to explain to you three Amway success strategies that you can apply in your business today to realize financial freedom with Amway.

Amway Success Secret #1: Knowing what market you are targeting is the first action you need to take on the way to success in Amway. Knowing your target market will make it much easier to grow a large downline. Basically, your target market consists of people in the hunt for out a network marketing company to sign up with or those who are already in an MLM company but are un-happy and looking for a change. It could also be people who are interested in how your product line could benefit them. For instance, because some of the product that Amway offers are health related, your target market for customers may be those who have an interest in being healthy; healthy individuals can be found working out at the gym. The people you know, such as relatives and colleagues should not be considered a target market. Usually, these people aren’t looking for a business opportunity and are not interested in buying products from you.

Amway Success Secret #2: The next thing you need to understand in order to succeed in Amway is how to connect with the target market you identified. Quite frankly, this is something that your upline possibly won’t show you, and neither will Amway – but forming a real connection with your target market by building a strong relationship will show people you actually care and aren’t just trying to make a quick buck. Relationship building applies equally to building a customer base and building a team of distributors. Multi-level marketing is a business of building relationships, regardless of what anyone previously told you. Email auto-responder services such as Get Response are a fantastic method building a relationship with your prospects on complete autopilot. An auto responder service sends out an email to every person on your list with one click of a mouse.

Amway Success Secret #3: The third step to success in Amway is to put an effective marketing system into action. Your system should help to find and/or attract your target market to you, so you do not have to go out there pitching your products and business opportunity to the wrong people. If you’re out there marketing to the wrong people, it will likely cause you to quit before you reach any level of Amway success because you will become very frustrated with all the rejection you’ll receive. In addition, your marketing system should build a relationship with your target market, and have a high duplicability rate, so that your downline can use it as well to achieve the level of Amway success that they’re looking for.

Source by Angela Jean Moore