After reading this article you will understand the difference between MLM and an Affiliate programs and how they are different.

If you join a Network Marketing or also known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company your aim is to build a network of people who are also interested in building a network of people within the company that you join. Every month you as a distributor for that company will accumulate personal and team sales of the product(s) from the company to the end consumer and in return the company will pay you for your efforts.

The company usually pays very well for your efforts to go out and create a team of distributors. This is the reason why you as a distributor for a company would want to create a big team of distributors who are in turn doing the same thing. Bigger the team bigger the commission cheque from the company. I make it sound so easy! Well I can say that the concept is very simple however it is not easy.

Joining a Network Marketing/MLM company is hard work and there are some skill sets that you will need to learn regardless what industry background you have or what you do for a living. If you go to work and take on board the training and follow the step by step plan and dedicate to stay with the same company for about 5-7 years there is no reason why you can’t start to earn thousands or even tens of thousands a month.

Affiliate Marketing is different. You don’t need to join any company and you don’t even need to own a product. Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting products or services from all over the internet. Again like MLM you need to learn and understand the skills about how to market on the internet. How to find a good product to promote that will give you a good return when someone buys it. You do not need to know who buys the product that you promote.

When you get involved with an Affiliate programme you get given an Affiliate link and all you need to do is make sure any products you are promoting is purchased through your affiliate link.

If done correctly there is no reason why you can’t get involved with a Network Marketing/MLM company and also make some money with Affiliate marketing. Why would you do this? A good reason why is to achieve some quick money from Affiliate marketing which can then in turn help you fund the running of your Network Marketing/MLM business

Source by Imran Wali