Cost per action marketing has become one of the new hot items for affiliate marketers to use because you will find them to be some of the easiest and most lucrative marketing opportunities.

Cost Per Action Marketing is also one of the simplest way for a new internet marketer to get his start. You can promote CPA Offers just like you would affiliate products either by web, email, or PPC. Promoting a product in the correct way will determine how successful it is.

Since its conception this type of marketing has been a closely kept secret of the gurus. In fact, this revolutionary new advertising model still only accounts for 19% of all affiliate revenues.

Why is it all so lucrative? CPA Offers are not ALWAYS focused on getting a sale. Some offers merely want a user to enter their ZIP code, some want Name, Email, and Mailing Address, and some want a user to sign up as a free member or take a free trial of their product.

The general idea behind Cost-Per-Action Marketing is to send visitors to websites and convert them into leads. You aren’t making as much as on a commission, but guess what? CPA (aka Cost Per Action) marketing is probably one of the most innovative new strategies in the world of online advertising.

Many people have made (and yes, are still making!) huge sums of money from this concept, yet others are on the proverbial fence in terms of whether or not they wish to get involved with it.

CPA advertisers will pay out anything anything from $0.25 to $5.00 or more for a single e-mail submit, and in some cases (call it the holy grail of CPA Marketing) you can get $150 or more when one of your visitors fills out a form. The commission often depends on the quantity of information you are asking the client to submit.

It is important to note however that CPA networks are pickier than most affiliate networks because they want a higher quality marketer.

Adding CPA programs to your marketing mix is an excellent way to not only make yourself some extra money on top of the profits you (hopefully) are already making from your standard, run-of-the-mill affiliate marketing strategy.

And if you’re still wet behind the ears, you’ll acquire some great experience, too! CPA Marketing is the next big thing in Affiliate marketing. Currently it only accounts for 19% of total affiliate revenue.

Source by Greg P Johnson