My goal in this article is to give you a brief tutorial on affiliate marketing and how to make living online. I have no doubt that you and anyone else who can read and write can make a decent living online with affiliate marketing if they discover how. Keep on reading and you will learn at least a little bit of what affiliate marketing is all about.

Affiliate marketing is simply a kind of internet advertising where one person (the affiliate) drives traffic to a product sales page. The affiliate then receives a commission for the product sale that was made because of his efforts. There are a number of great advantages with this type of online business that might help you decide to go with it or not.

First, you can get started for free! There are a lot of scams on the internet that want you to pay through the nose to get you started in your own online business. That is not the case with affiliate marketing because you can get started with no investment if you know what you are doing. You will, of course, have to reinvest some of your first profits to move on to the next level.

Secondly, you do not have to stock any inventories or ship any products. That is all taken care of by the merchant. I like to say that all an affiliate marketer does is bring the seller and the buyer together for a little piece of the action.

And finally, at least for this short article, is the fact that there is virtually an unlimited income available with affiliate marketing Once you discover the secrets of being a successful affiliate marketer you will continue to build your sites and end up in high search rankings on the more popular search engines. Once you begin to get good traffic your sales will increase and you can move on to another campaign to make even more money. There really is no limit to what you can earn each and every month once you know what you are doing.

As I have mentioned above there is no way that I can teach you all there is to know in this article. However, I do offer a free email affiliate marketing tutorial that will fill you in on some of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and making a living online.

Source by J. Snyder