So you’re into affiliate marketing–Congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than to visit your stats page every morning and seeing what you’ve made in the past 24 hours. So how would you like to be able to quite literally explode your sales by doing just one simple thing? Sure you would.

Here’s the problem involved in promoting more than 2-3 different affiliate products: If you are doing it properly, things can get pretty complicated in a hurry. Now, you may be saying, “Hey Mike, I put up a pre-sell page, and I’m getting a little traffic–what is so hard about that?”

There is nothing hard about that. The problem is, you’re not getting much traffic to your page and you are probably making darned few sales, if any. But you know the routine, when you promote an affiliate product through your pre-sell page, you have to get some link juice to your page by getting some good inbound links.

You probably post videos, submit some articles to directories, do some social bookmarking, and hopefully get some links from sites with high page rank to leech juice from. But if you are really trying to milk some link juice into your site, you may have links coming in from 20 sources just from the methods I mentioned above.

If you start promoting several affiliate products, it is very easy to forget just where your link juice is coming from and where you need to go to get more. I have over 80 affiliate products I actively promote and I stay on top of each and every product. I know what’s going on, where my link juice is coming from, and what I need to do in the future to keep the juice flowing.

Here’s how I do it. I get a three-ring binder for every affiliate product I carry. Yeah, I’ve got a lot of binders! But I just get cheap little 1/2″ binders for this purpose.

I have created a set of 8 pages I use to record exactly what I do to promote the pre-sell page for each of the products I promote. One just gives info on the product I promote. One has spaces for all of the articles I write and post for that product. One has info on all of the videos I post for the product. One is for what I call my feeder sites for they product. One has a grid where I can plot the search engine rankings for my pre-sell page.

By doing this, I am able to keep perfect track of exactly what is going on with each of my products. I use color coding on the binders. I go through each red on on Monday. I go through each blue one on Tuesday–right on down the line. By the end of the week I know I have done exactly what I needed to in order to keep and get more link juice to my pages.

Set up something like this for yourself and you will find that rather than promoting one or two affiliate programs at once–you will be able to promote many, many dozens of them simultaneously. The earnings potential are virtually unlimited using this technique.

Source by Mike Mcmillan