Simply put, it is endorsing other people’s/company’s product or service and earning a commission in return (in case a sale has been made through your efforts).

You use your business or working area to promote or sell the product or services of someone else, that is what affiliate marketing is, in layman’s language.

Affiliate marketing opportunities are ample if used in the right way and with the right kind of people.

Affiliate marketing opportunities are broadly divided into two basic types-

1. Online: Most common, acknowledged and widely used in this age of technology and the internet. It is a method of earning money online wherein you as a publisher of a blog or as an owner of a popular website, are paid commission for helping a company by sponsoring their product, service or site on your blog or website.

2. Offline: Many people have been marketing affiliate products offline for years, even before the inception of the internet. In the offline world individuals are persuaded to look at a presentation or some form of information concerning the program or products at hand.


Affiliate marketing can be a huge and booming venture if undertaken the right way and at the right time and place (site, blog). It undoubtedly has its many pluses over the conventional marketing and advertising format.


1. Large selection of credible companies with quality products to offer

2. The income potential

3. Time freedom it provides when built to a level of sustainability.

4. Training companies offer to ensure your success

5. Most affiliate offers are free to join

6. Access to the latest technologies and trends to market with out investing in design


1. Lofty commission expenses sustained by merchants occasionally.

2. Bogus and deceptive types of marketing leading to unmerited allegations and claims.

3.Closing down programs without informing the affiliates and not paying commission is very common practice.

4. Pay can be relatively erratic. It cannot be taken on as a steady means of revenue.

5. It can also be rather unsecured.

So, is it worth the risk?

Weighing in between the positives and negatives, the advantages seem to be a bit more appealing. So yes, affiliate marketing opportunities are definitely for real.

But, bear in mind that a little research has to be put in, to uncover the finest programs offered and decrease the threats.

It is better to look out for some analysis and weigh the different options against each other before selecting an affiliate opportunity. That way, you’ll land only on the best. It’ll definitely be a lengthy and difficult start but it’ll only help you become a well to do affiliate marketer.

Source by Micah White