With all the affiliate marketing education courses on the market today it really is like an affiliate junction trying to find a course that works for you and your business. Since it cost very little to make a sales page and throw an eBook together based on affiliate marketing, we now have loads of rubbish courses on the market that look good from the outside, but do not deliver.

What to look for in an internet affiliate marketing course?

Before you hand over your hard earned cash for any internet affiliate marketing education course you need to find out what is in the course. A lot of course owners these days try to promote their product by throwing figures at you (most of them completely ridiculous), or telling you why you need the course and not what the course consists of. It is already hard enough to choose a product in the affiliate junction without having people trying to blindside you like this.

When I first invested in a “make money online course” I actually did not know it was an affiliate marketing course. The people that owned the course had such a rubbish product that they disguised what the course was actually about behind b/s promises of you being able to make $100 per day once the course was over.

Learn From My Mistakes!

For all you beginner or would-be internet affiliate marketers that are considering investing in a course I am going to give you a few very important tips that I wish I had been told when I first began my internet marketing journey.

E-mail The Product Owner!

If the product is good, the owner will be more than happy to boast about what is in the product. Make sure when buying an affiliate marketing education course that it is the complete course. A general checklist of stuff you will need in the course is:

-SEO Training

-Article Marketing Training

-PPC Training

-Web site design training

-E-mail marketing training

By simply contacting the product owner you will learn a lot about the product and will the be able to avoid the affiliate junction. If the product owner still continues to throw figures at you about what you will earn then this sounds suspect.

Source by Dave McGloughlin