Every day, thousands upon thousands of new websites spring into being, some of which are spectacular, some of which are wastes of time. Spinglo.com is a new kid on the block, and because there are so many websites, it is only natural to wonder if this one is something worth looking into. Having looked around Spinglo, I found some interesting aspects I would like to share with you in a short article. Please feel free to read my review and decide for your self if Spinglo is your cup of tea or not!

Before we dive into Spinglo, I just want to remind you how important the concept of ‘time’ is, especially when checking out or considering using an opportunity or service of any form. When time is up, time is up, and there is no way to replenish it; next to nothing is as limited as time. Hold onto it tightly and value it as you would your most prized possession.

Spinglo.com is referred to as ‘Your Social Network Booster.’ This is due to the fact that it enhances social networking by giving prizes to people utilizing this service. Spinglo.com is comprised of three sections: Spinglo Bonus, Spinglo Life, and Spinglo VIP. I will address each section individually.

What is the essence of the Spinglo Platform?

As I see it, the primary reason for people joining Spinglo.com is the Spinglo Bonus. Once you become a Spinglo member nave have invited some friends to do likewise, you earn and accumulate points from offers selected in the back office by your friends and their friends. You can redeem your accumulated points in Spinglo Life and Spinglo VIP, which is pending release.

Although Spinglo Life is not yet ready for users to utilize, it seems similar to the experience of shopping in a mall. At this point, it appears as if this next phase is pending the growth of Spinglo’s membership base to an acceptable size. I am curious as to what Spinglo considers an adequately large membership base, as well as the true value Spinglo Life will be offering.

The details on Spinglo VIP are currently a little murky. The Spinglo website asserts that Spinglo VIP will offer its users the chance to take part in beta testing new services. The exclusivity comes from the fact that the new services will remain undisclosed to non-VIP members, making Singlo VIP members the first to use and comment on services before they are offered to the community-at-large. Spinglo.com will need to make alliances with the juggernauts of Internet marketing to give Spinglo VIP value, and it is not clear whether this will happen or not.

In short, people register to use these types of services because they feel membership provides them with some benefit or value. Only you will be able to decide if the services Spinglo provides will benefit you. The best way to do this is to have a real understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with the time you spend on the Internet; are you the person who spends time at the computer for entertainment or for earning a significant income?

Honestly, if you are the type of person who primarily uses the Internet for entertainment, or as a means to pass time, then joining Spinglo.com and inviting your friends may be for you. On the other hand, if your primary concern is to earn additional income or make money, I do not feel Spinglo is the way to do it. There are other resources which would be more beneficial to you, if you are seeking an opportunity to make money.

Personally, today’s entrepreneurs lack the one skill that is so important today: Internet marketing. Because people do not have the proper training or skills necessary for the success of their new businesses, many people fail, even if the company or opportunity is ideal. If your goal is to generate an income online which will not only change your checkbook, but also your life, I would suggest you check into a professional-caliber marketing system, such as ‘7 Figure Networker.’ They supply a wealth of knowledge on the topic.

The fact of the matter is spending time on websites such as Spinglo.com can be profitable, rewarding, and beneficial, but you first need to possess the rudimentary skills of marketing yourself and your product. If you become good at marketing, you will be able to generate wealth on anything you put your energy into, including Spinglo.

Source by Ellie Gant