The Japanese word fushigi is defined as a mystery, miracle or wonder. To the public that is exactly what the fushigi gravity ball is… a mystery. Everyone wants to know what it is and what it does. It’s the commercial everyone is talking about, and the gift every child seems to want. “No strings, no tricks. Is it an illusion? You decide.” To quote the commercial. In this we’re going to discuss the 4 things you must know about the fushigi gravity ball.

How does fushigi ball work?

How does the fushigi ball work? It’s easy just take out the box and sit it on the table, and say “abracadabra”. It will then begin to float in any direction you will it. Just kidding that’s exactly what it won’t do. How the it works is a juggling style called contact juggling. It uses object manipulation to make the ball seem like it moving around without any aid from you. A DVD full of tricks comes with the fushigi magic gravity ball. This will get you started on your way to master the fushigi magic ball and all its tricks.

Is there a fushigi video?

Yes, there is a fushigi video. As I stated previously it comes with the fushigi when you buy it. It full of tips and tricks that will get you started contact juggling. There are also many videos on the internet where you can learn even more tricks.

Is fushigi a scam?

This is something I’ve seen said and asked all over the internet. No, fushigi is not a scam. Some people are mad about the suggestive marketing campaign of the fushigi ball. That doesn’t make it a scam at all. The fushigi gravity ball does everything you see in the commercial with time and practice. Anyone can do it with time and practice.

Where can you buy fushigi?

The magic fushigi ball has become a phenomenon. It can be bought by phone, and over the internet. Also now the fushigi ball is in stores. It’s already being carried in Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. It all depends on you how you get your hands on the fushigi. I know for sure if you buy it online you can also buy the new glow in the dark fushigi. You can also get the different sized fushigi balls online. Not sure if you have these options in the department stores.

Source by Adam P Williams