Since plastic surgeons can spend a fortune on new plastic surgery patient marketing, they have to be smart about it so they get the best results for the least amount of money. Here are 2 Tips to Implement a Better Marketing Plan for Plastic Surgeons:

Decide Who Your “Preferred” Patient Is

Thanks to the economic, social and technological trends, and with the help of the Kardashians, plastic surgery has gone mainstream. That means anybody can be in the market for your services.

However, you will run out of time, money and energy marketing to everybody for every procedure you offer.

So one of the 2 tips to Implement a Better Marketing Plan for Plastic Surgeons is to pick one demographic of patients to focus on. That could be a certain age, gender or ethnicity.

Or you can fine tune your focus with one procedure matched to one demographic. For example, focus on breast augmentation and cater to the young girl in her 20’s or focus on the facelift and cater to the 50+ woman.

Consider this carefully and review your objectives. Determine what will grow your practice not only quickly but for the long run. The young breast aug patient is an easy target; however, it can cost a fortune to compete for their attention since the competition is tough. They can be a one-hit wonder and not need anything else for decades.

Whereas, the more mature patient needs more of your services, has more financial wherewithal and cares more about your skill and education than saving money. They also can be more loyal and refer more often, so you decide.

Use the Right Media Channels and Messaging

Here is tip 2 of the 2 Tips to Implement a Better Marketing Plan for Plastic Surgeons: now that you know your target audience, you want to be where they are with the message they will most likely hear.

Otherwise, it falls on deaf ears because your message is not speaking to anyone in particular or you have it seen by the wrong demographic.

Today’s world is so crazy busy, prospective patients will not hear, see or notice your marketing unless it’s speaking directly to them with the right message. And use the right media channel to ensure they see it. So rather than using mass advertising to tell the world you “do plastic surgery”, pick only one body part problem your target market has, include the solution and get that message in front of them using the media channel they most likely get their information from.

An example would be to advertise a question, “Can liposuction give you your body back after birth?”. It leads to an article you wrote for women in their 30’s and 40’s who want their “sexy” back after childbirth. It appears on Mommy blogs this demographic checks regularly with a link to your website.

If you take some time to consider these 2 Tips to Implement a Better Marketing Plan for Plastic Surgeons, you will spend less on marketing and advertising, see better results and fill your practice with patients you enjoy working with.

What To Do Next

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Source by Catherine Maley