In this article I will discuss 2 steps to affiliate marketing but first to understand what affiliate marketing is let us look at the definition.

According to Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer. Wow that is a mouth full. A simpler way to explain it would be I bring you a customer and if they buy your product or service you cut me in for a piece of the pie. As for only being Internet-based this is not true.

If you talk to your local auto mechanic and say you know a few friends that need some work you can expect a response like send them over. But if you re-phrase that sentence for example: I know some people that need some automotive repairs if they get the work done with you would you offer me a commission?

You have now opened the negations as an affiliate.

Online affiliate marketing is much easier. If you go to most websites chances are they have an affiliate page that you can join. If you are thinking about online affiliate marketing you must address how people look at your Credibility.

You could piggy back off twitter or some social site with links to products or services like everyone else. Here is the shocking reality; it takes time to build Credibility. To become an authoritative figure you need to build your reputation. If you want to stand out in a crowd of millions I will outline this in two easy steps.

To be recognized online use your real name in all your internet activities. The first step is doing a web search of your name in all the search engines.

If your name produces multiple results that are not related to yourself you may try improving your online promotion by adding your country behind your name. What is so important about your name?

Deciding on a purchase requires two objectives, trust and knowledge. If your name is on top when someone searches about you it builds confidence. The more links about you represents knowledge that have. Ask yourself if you would purchase from a person of little importance or someone your can verify online?

Step two is broadcast your name. Write and share your knowledge in forums and article directories so the world can find you. Affiliate marketing is not just passing a link, it is creating a name that people trust. I hope this article has helped explain how you must gain trust and become an authoritative figure prior to entering the field of affiliate marketing

Source by Mike Holthuysen