The rapper now known as Wiz Khalifa, is based in Pittsburgh and began his career in 2005. Though he has only released two albums, he has a number of singles and eight Wiz Khalifa mixtapes are on the market as well. Like many rappers, these tapes helped Wiz Khalifa get where he is today.

Wiz Khalifa contracted with Warner Bros. Records in 2007, just two years after recording and releasing his first rap playlist. His first Warner Bros. single, “Say Yeah,” placed 20th on the Billboard’s Hot Rap Tracks chart. The artist continues to perform in major venues, release albums and singles, and open up for top artists such as the Wu Tang Clan.

This rapper’s career has been greatly affected by the use of these tapes. In fact, he released the first of the Wiz Khalifa mixtapes, Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania, was released in 2005; this led directly to the recording of his first full-length album, Show and Prove, in ’06. As a result, the hip hop artist was identified by Rolling Stone magazine as an artist to look for in future years.

Whiz Khalifa mixtapes continue to be a large part of his career. One of his rap mixtapes was even released for free, only for download online, titled Kush and Orange Juice. Shortly after, this release became the number one trending topic on Twitter and ranked number one on Google’s hot search trends. He has released a total of eight in five years, and continues to be featured on other tapes released by other artists.

These informal compilations of rap tracks have been helping urban artists make a name for themselves since the ’70’s, and it doesn’t seem like they will stop any time soon. Wiz Khalifa mixtapes in particular are a huge topic of interest in the rap fan base. Without them, this rapper may have had his career take off to stardom.

Source by Ari Allon