Android powered phones and handheld devices provide greater convenience to its users. Google has always come up with softwares that enhance user experience. Android has been a preferred choice by both users and developers as if you think about the application that are already there or the scope of development, you can not that only sky is the limit. If you are an android developer, and you know what you are doing, then there is no stopping you. Google and the Open Handset Alliance developed this open source software to mix technology with trend and produce something that is simply amazing. The community of developers for android are always ready to come up with something new and interesting. These factors have made android development such a lucrative business prospect.

There are various reasons, why you should hire an android developer for your mobile application project.

Android Application Projects are Cost-effective

Android applications are built in open source, hence it allows you to download and customize it with minimal expenses. In this age of cost cutting when companies prefer to go for less expensive softwares licenses and reduced project development cost, android looks like a potential way out. Just tweak the open source applications available in the way you want and you get a brand new product to show off. There is huge demand for these type of applications and you can easily hire an android developer for a reasonable cost. All you need to invest in is development and testing costs.

Application Built in Android are Stable

One thing that makes android a preferred choice is that it is built on java which provides it an unsurpassed stability. You can trust its performance and once your application is ready, you do not spend much time is fixing issues like application failures. Java is widely used world wide for various application development projects and it is easy to find freelance android developers to hire.

Android Applications are Distributed Easily

The demand for these applications is always growing and so is the methods with which you can distribute your application. You can sell your application to various stores that Google has created for enabling users to buy and download applications with ease. You can register your self with any of the third party stores provided by Google and start selling your application. The market is for those who come up with newer and more innovative ideas, hence, all you need to do is provide the very thing the market is going to love. The rules to sell in these open markets are easy and simple to follow.

Android applications can be easily integrated

When users love to use multiple programs that allow them to find better usability, you need to make applications that can be easily integrated to other applications already available with the user. Android applications are perfect for inter application integration. You do not need any other additional software download to run these applications in your mobile devices.

Once your android application project is done, all you need to do is advertise it in the appropriate media where you can ensure more user visibility. This way you can encash from your android development project with ease.

Source by John A Robinsons