Apple has created many of the most sought after electronic devices on the planet. For those that have purchased the famous iPhone, and there are millions that fit the category, the most common questions center around how to unlock the phone for use with a different network provider. Usually the device has been acquired through a cell phone provider that has substantially discounted the price of the phone in return for your acceptance of a long-term commitment to use their air time and data service (usually one to three years). These companies then “lock” the phone to their network so they are assured that you will continue to pay for their service – basically for the life of the device. However, the arrangement may not survive quite as long as the phone! When this happens, the owner often (once the initial contract expires) looks around to see if a better deal can be made with another service provider. Then comes the realization that the phone is locked to the original provider! This is where the questions arise. What can I do to make my phone work with another provider?

For the average user, this can be a very complicated question with an even more complicated process. You want to make sure you are not breaking any laws and you don’t want to damage your phone OR lose all the information – contacts, apps etc., that is on the device. Researching the subject on Google returns millions of pages of information. For the technically minded person, knowing the version of software running on the phone and the current firmware details appears to be a must. But for the average person, I think I am safe in saying that we simply don’t need to know all those details. What we DO need to know is IF the phone can be unlocked and HOW can it be done – safely. Of course you can always employ the services of a specialist and pay them to do this for you. Problem is these days, anyone can declare themselves a “specialist” and you may find that not only do you have an issue with your coveted iPhone, you just paid someone to mess it up for you. So if the alternative is to undertake to do this yourself, how do you know you can get through the process. Thankfully, there are bona fide software engineers that know exactly how this can be accomplished by creating an easy to use software program. Unfortunately, even some of these specialists can make mistakes and program software that may cause issues with the hardware. As a result, even when choosing off the shelf software to get the job done – you must be careful to choose one that has a proven track record and works without problems. Furthermore, it has to be easy to use even for the most technically challenged. Sometimes we are tempted to choose the least expensive alternative. Others of us just have to have the most expensive choice. Let’s face it, in the end the cost is less important than the outcome. So long as it works without issues, then as long as the price is competitive, we are ready to make the move and get the job done.

There is good news! Unlocking your iPhone is legal and is accomplished following a process commonly known as “Jail-breaking” your device. This is a change / addition to the software in your iPhone. As a result, the change can be reversed or put back to original right from within your iTunes screen if this becomes necessary for any reason. Properly chosen software can achieve the change when used by virtually any iPhone owner with little or no technical experience. If you have ever connected your phone to your iTunes computer – then chances are you will get through this without incident and all for the investment of little more than a trip for two to Starbucks! So – if you are fed up with your cell phone provider and have found another that appears to have a better deal or better coverage, OR perhaps you are traveling to another country and want to prevent huge roaming charges, be assured that you can make the switch and take care of the technical part (unlocking) yourself. Spend the $20 to $40 on the software program, download it to your computer – connect your phone and set yourself free!

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Source by Bruce N Baier