Yahoo Overture is a pay-per-click advertising system similar to Google AdWords. This guide will give you a basic overview of how to use the Yahoo advertising network to begin driving traffic to your website.

The first thing you need to do is determine which search keywords are relevant to your product or service. For example, if you offer gardening services in Orlando, then you might want to advertise to people who search for “Orlando gardener” or “gardeners in Orlando”.

After this, you will need to write an advertisement for your business. In this example, you might write a brief advertisement which says, “Looking for a gardener in Orlando? We have the best rates in town.”

Next, you get to determine the maximum amount that you are willing to pay every time your ad is clicked. If each visitor to your website is worth $3 on average to you, then you would want to pay no more than this. You can set this amount as high or as low as you would like.

When an Internet user types your keywords into Yahoo’s search engine, your ad will appear for free. You will only need to pay if your ad is actually clicked. The amount that you set as your maximum click-price will determine where your ad is displayed relative to your competitors.

Since over 2.3 billion searches are performed each month on Yahoo, this is a great way to get extra traffic. Although Yahoo doesn’t have as much search volume as Google, if you also advertise on Yahoo while your competitors only focus on Google, this can give you a leg up.

Free Traffic?

The great thing about both Overture and Google AdWords is that some of the traffic you get is absolutely free. Many people are weary about clicking on ads, but they will still be interested in your offer. Sometimes an Internet user will see your ad and simply type your URL into their browser’s address bar. Since you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad, this means that some of the traffic you get will be absolutely free!

As with AdWords, you can always cancel your service at any time if your ad campaign isn’t working for you. Often, you can find coupons of $25 or $50 to try out Yahoo’s service if you are willing to hunt around for them.

With the ability to set your prices and budget, and with the possibility of free traffic, every online business owner should give Overture a try to see if it works for them.

Source by Chris Pine