Google AdWords is an advertising platform where we can see many features, from this we can organize performance insights that can be generated by your account, campaign and ad-groups. From Google AdWords we can choose how we want to reach our customers, with text-based search ads, display ads, YouTube video ads, in-app mobile ads, you have many ways to reach your target customer with AdWords. We can stay locally or globally to our prospective audience within a range of a kilometer for your business, with AdWords you can broadcast your ads to entire regions or countries. Take the guesswork out of advertising, see how your ads are doing perfect or not. From here we can see that which things you need to do before the old AdWords UI is retired:

Rules & Reports Are In Working Order, To ensure your filters:

When your data and most of your reporting will be drag into the new UI, there are some quantity of reports and rules that were altered or refuse entirely. Rules & Reports wise, any rules that depend on a column no longer available within AdWords will terminate to function within your account. Remind that before the old AdWords UI is retired, filters make the use of these columns will not signify moreover.

Rules & Reports that will continue to exist but with remarkable changes includes:

Rules & Report are containing columns that will no longer exist.

It also contain child accounts with no longer managed in your MCC.

Reports using columns not yet supported by Report Editor, like: Historical quality score, Landing page experience, CTR, and Ad relevance.

We should also take a note that reports currently in.XLSX format will be transformed to.CSV format.

Taking a Tour guide:

Taking tour gives you an actual suggestions, from where the important stuff lives within the new UI. it also points out the locations.

The navigation panel, which allows you to jump between active or inactive campaigns and ad-groups of a given type such as (search, display, video, shopping) or all of the above. Google has assembled something of a map to make it clear where things live and how to get there:

Page menu are the most essential new features, which enables you to bounce between each everything from extensions and adjustments to customers and change history.

The new home for tools and reporting.

The help icon (really useful!).

And finally, the overview tab, which serves up very warm account-specific insights for your viewing pleasures.

Source by Vivek Kumar