Simply defined, an online viral marketing strategy is the act of doubling or tripling the total number of your prospects, subscribers, or clients through the handful of people you actually come in contact with. The moving principle behind this concept is the power of the word of mouth.

Right now, this is the strategy that is constantly tried by a lot of online marketers. They are all trying to duplicate the feat that Hotmail has done. For those who don’t know it yet, Hotmail can be regarded as one of the pioneers of viral marketing.

What Hotmail did is very simple – it gave the public free email accounts during the time when everything else in the world wide web has a price tag, especially access to a secured email server. Hotmail advertised its free email offer. Some 100 people availed of it immediately.

But that number easily rose to more than ten times because of the very small link at the end of every one of Hotmail’s free email – the link that any other people who wishes to avail of the free email service can simply click on. And it was very effective indeed. Just imagine if Hotmail delivers a million emails from free subscribers everyday. That means it would be reaching out to one million people.

That’s quite a number, given the fact that the only have a hundred people to start with. Hotmail had definitely done it right, because a lot of free email servers had materialized – and with much bigger capacities at that.

With this example, it is easy to see that the most effective viral marketing strategy is to give away something for free. It could either be a product or a service. It doesn’t really matter for as long as there are no strings attached. These days, people can’t be fooled with something that is supposed to be free but really has a catch. If you want your viral marketing strategy to be effective, give away something without if’s, but’s, or and’s.

‘Free’ must be the most powerful word in the entire marketing dictionary. A lot of people would definitely go to the place where they can get free stuff. Cheap and inexpensive products and services have their own pulls. But if something is given away absolutely free, then you can be sure that waves of people would come in and inform all their families, friends, and colleagues about it.

If you want your product to hit the market fast, easily, and effectively, you have to use viral marketing strategy. Nothing else could make you more popular over the world wide web than this. You could be the next Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail. Just make sure you pounce on something that’s not very much popular these days. And you would surely hit it big.

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Such a strategy is highly effective and can create wonders for your online business. So now that you’ve learnt the theory, be sure to start taking action and start creating Viral Rebrandable PDFs to act as your online viral marketing strategy!

Source by Calvin Woon