Recently, especially with the popularity of YouTube, there has a boom of video-sharing sites where it is possible to host an effective video viral marketing campaign. However, not all video hosting sites are created equal. Many offer additional features or higher viewing numbers than others, allowing you to get more out of the time it takes you to post.

Some examples of added features at online video hosts include editing and remixing abilities to give more edge to your message. Of course, all the additional features in the world won’t do anything for you if the site doesn’t work, if it is full of hassle, or if nobody else visits there.

The following sites have been tested with a demo video file to compare quality of the video, features of the site, the site’s interface, and the overall functionality of the site. Some of these sites are still in their beta, so they may experience a change in their functionality within the next few months or so, but if you plan to begin your video viral marketing now, then this is the information you’re looking for:

1. Google Video – This host has the appeal of knowing that you’re dealing with the large, well-known company, Google. To use it, you must download the Google Video Uploader, which offers many different additional features such as uploading a transcript along with the video itself. You can make your videos free or give them a sale price. There are no editing features available. Uploading your videos includes a “video verification” process which can take up to several days for Google to ensure that your video meets technical and legal standards and policies.

2. vSocial – this site offers a fast way to upload – when you’re successful (QuickTime seems to work best here) – with a large viewership to watch and share your message. Its interface, Web 2.0, offers large fonts, rating, tagging, AJAX, RSS feeds, and reviewing. It does have editing abilities, but in the end, everything is resized to 320 by 240. Sharing is an important function at vSocial, allowing users to embed the video into their own webpages, MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, Flickr,, and BlogIt! With lots of users and community features, this site is great for spreading the word – it’s all a matter of struggling to get your video up in the first place.

3. Grouper – This site is essentially a file-sharing version of YouTube. The interface application must be downloaded, and it is based in Windows Media Player. Allows for tagging, ratings, groups, and RSS feeds. Users may post directly to Friendster, eBay, and MySpace, or they may download to their hard drive or iPod. It does take a while for the file to become available on the site. The processing is lengthy.

4. Vimeo – This host uses Flickr for its video, with a clean, simple flash-based interface that plays native formats. No download is necessary, and uploading is quick and easy. Users may tag, comment, and vote, and use a comfortable player with a built-in volume control and without logos burned-in. Sharing to Flickr,, MySpace, RSS feeds, and downloading of the original file are all available. Overall the quality of the video is very good, however, the community features are slim.

Source by Mark A. Lewis