Keyword Marketing is an online marketing term. Its purpose is to acquire targeted customers by using related keywords on search engines such as Google. Here are some quick facts.

Fact #1: Keyword Bidding Or SEO?

Keyword Marketing usually requires keyword bidding or search engine optimization (SEO). Keyword Bidding is usually used to pull in targeted traffic via sponsored ads in Google AdWords by paying for the ad. SEO is usually used to pull in free targeted traffic by ranking high in Google’s search engine and appearing on the first page of the search result. Although the traffic is free, SEO can sometime take a long time to rank high and the process can become quite expensive at times.

Fact #2: The Advantages

The advantage of keyword bidding is that you are able to reach the right customers at the right time. This means, if you are selling Harry Potter’s latest series, you’ll bid for a keyword like “Buy Harry Potter Book”. People searching in this term will find your website either via your Google AdWords ad or from the search result if you are able to rank high enough with SEO techniques. Keyword Marketing can be very valuable because people searching for the right keywords could be ready to buy and are willing to let you sell to them.

Fact #3: Relevancy Is King

One of the undeniable facts in keyword marketing and yet widely neglected would be relevancy. If you could pull all the targeted visitors in the world but you are not able to deliver whatever they are looking for you will never be able to convert them into sales. It’s like going into pizza restaurant and all they sell is noodles.

Fact #4: Know your competitors

In order to be successful with your keyword marketing strategies, you must be able to analyze your competitors. Learn what they are doing, how strong are they and finally, you must do research and find out if you could beat your competitors. If you can’t compete with them for a certain keyword due to budget or their sheer popularity, find another keyword to promote your products on.

Fact #5: Keyword Density

One of the best ways to do well in keyword marketing is to implement SEO to your website. Keyword density is probably the easiest method to help you rank higher in search engine. Take note that if you have put too much keywords in your website, it would be considered as spamming. Hence try to achieve a keyword density of approximately 3-5%. Other SEO technique should be used together with keyword density to ensure a high ranking in the major search engines.

Fact #6: Keyword Marketing Tool

As profitable as keyword marketing is, it is also very complicated and it required a lot of work. Hence a keyword marketing tool such as Keyword Elite can be used to greatly reduce the workload and help you achieve success with your efforts a lot faster.

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Source by James Yii