Many newbies ask, ‘How to write articles?’ Well in this article I give you tips not only on how to write articles but how to write articles quickly, easily and effectively.

Have you heard of Bum Marketing? If you haven’t then you are probably new to Internet Marketing. Bum Marketing is a powerful and proved technique that has been used successfully by thousands of Internet Marketers over the years to generate income online.

The best part about Bum Marketing is that it is a no risk strategy that anyone and everyone can take advantage of. Basically Bum Marketing is all about Internet Article Marketing.

1. Before writing articles, you should do research.

First, analyze the competition in Google for the keywords you are writing the articles on. However don’t spend too much time on keyword research. Use your common sense as you do keyword research. You can do keyword research using Google Keyword Tool.

Take advantage of the hot selling products on and Commission Junction and write articles on the product. In your article you should focus on the following.

What are the product features?

How does the product have an advantage over its competitors?

What are the benefits of using the product?

What needs of the customer does the product satisfy?

2. Churn out articles regularly. Don’t spend a lot of time thinking what to write. It doesn’t mean you write junk, you have to provide value to your readers. However you need not be a top notch writer, write your articles in a conversational manner. You should plan on writing at least 5 articles everyday.

3. Don’t write lengthy articles. Instead of writing a 1000 word article, split the article into two. Avoid submitting the same articles to different article directories because it affects your article ranking.

You should also write articles on Squidoo. Squidoo is very popular among Google Page rankings and you should add a RSS Module once you complete your lens to generate greater traffic to your articles.

Remember that Bum Marketing is the best technique for Internet Marketers. There is absolutely no reason for you to give up on Bum Marketing. Article Marketing remains the most powerful technique used by many to generate income online and you can do it as well.

So the next time someone asks you ‘How to write articles’ you should be confident enough to give them the right answers.

Source by Matty Bells