Firstly before you can proceed in the developing of your online business you must take a minute and decide what you want to achieve, after you have done that and you must made notes for you to act on.

You must look into markets that there is a demand for, for instance you would not want to sell a product that is not in demand. Establish your market first by looking for trends on Google, Yahoo, Alexa and your local news stations website.

Now you must start with the next step and that is to search for the correct high quality product.

You can develop your own product but I would not recommend it as it is a very lengthy and expensive option.

Affiliate marketing is the answer. Firstly you must look at the credibility of the company you want to be an affiliate. I would recommend you buy the company’s product, test it and see if it is any good, you will have a money back guarantee on the product so if it is a low quality product you can return it and get your money refunded.

It is very important that the company you decide on being the affiliate for have a good honest refund policy and that it will pay your commission on time. It would be to your benefit if they pay out your commission money regularly so you better look into that.

Be on the lookout for products that is not delivering what it is promoting or promising on the website. Remember you are building a name for yourself.

Source by Henk J Matthee