Not only is Dexter Yager an Amway legend, he is one of the early pioneers of network marketing success. He built his team decades ago, and still earns ridiculous amounts of money today.

Here are some of the figures for Dexter Yager Amway. His personal team is 4 million people big. That’s bigger than most network marketing companies out there! His team does $2,000,000,000 in annual revenue… not bad, eh? I’d say he’s earned himself a little bit of money!

It’s rumored that he earns in the hundreds of millions per year!

Since he built his team mostly back in the ’60’s, he used all the old school network marketing tactics. He employed strategies like home meetings, hotel meetings, luncheons, and other types of presentations.

Dexter Yager Amway used all of those techniques to perfection, and he is one of the wealthiest men in the United States for it.

Of course, that begs the question… should you market the way Dexter Yager Amway did? His results are hard to argue with, but let me try for a minute.

There are now about 10,000,000 MLM distributors in the United States alone. Doing some rough math, that equates to about 1 in 30 people across the nation (even outside the U.S. network marketing is becoming fairly prevalent). Everybody already knows somebody who is an MLM business. They’ve already been invited to home meetings and such.

It was easier in the late ’60’s to announce that you have a business proposition and invite your friends. Now? Everybody’s worried it’s another MLM business presentation!

So, what do you do now? Well, we have this little invention called the Internet. You can leverage the internet to show your business to thousands of people every day, if you want to.

But how is that different from inviting people to home meetings?

On the Internet you can actually target who you want to expose your business to. Let’s say you can present to a couple hundred people a day who Google “Home Business”. Would those be some highly targeted prospects?

In conclusion, Dexter Yager Amway used techniques that are now outdated, while the Internet is now the new frontier for network marketing.

Source by Erin P Smith