In Part One, I explained how to use the no follow tags on links so that you can build the most link authority to pages you choose. More often than not, you may not want to pass page authority to your privacy, terms and conditions, and contact us pages so always put no follow tags on these links throughout your site. This conserves page authority to send to the pages you do want to rank higher in the search engines.

This Part Two of this backlink building series describes the First Link Priority which has recently been proven by several SEO technicians.

The First Link Priority states that the first link that the spiders read when they visit a web page is given the most link authority.  It really is worth spending time to look at the web pages of your site and plan out both the number of do follow links on each page and the order that such links are read by the search engine spiders.

Always place the most important backlink as the first link that is read by the spiders. Also know that the lesser number you have on the page, the more page authority will pass to each link you include.  

I tested the First Link Priority a few months ago by moving a particular web page link up to be the first link read by the spiders.  Within 8 days, the page where the link goes to had moved up 35 positions in Google for the anchor text I used on the original page. I have been feeding the same page a few backlinks here and there and it is holding its position.

This First Link Priority can cause some havoc when your web page design gets in the way. For example, sometimes a navigation bar, which contains links to other pages, will be read by the spiders prior to your desired link.  Spiders read web pages a certain way and in a certain order and sometimes you cannot help but have a prior link be read first before your chosen link. Recently, there have been some coding solutions to accommodate the first link priority and give your web page the desired look and feel.

The safest method to ensure your desired link is read first by the spiders is to include the link in the header of the web page and do not include a link for the logo of your site. If page design is getting in the way, consult with a web coder as this first link priority is very important and can make a significant difference in your search engine results. 

Remember, the higher up you are, the more traffic you will get. For your most profitable keywords, you want to aim to get a #1 position in Google as this will bring you as much as 42% of the organic traffic. You get to the # 1 position by implementing a well thought through one way link building plan that should involve both on page and offsite link building.

Source by Pat Fitzpatrick