When creating a student ID card, we all consider the details of the colour, design and layout. But too often we forget what ID cards are for – Security. What if your student ID card could be copied? Without a card security feature, anyone with access to any ID card printer could make a convincing copy of your card!

HoloKote & HoloPatch – Visible Security on a Student ID Card

HoloKote is an anti-counterfeiting watermark across the entire card surface, which becomes visible when the card is viewed at an angle. Standard dye-film is used to print HoloKote images on standard cards, at no additional cost! For extra visibility, HoloPatch is a distance-visible security mark that can be viewed from around 6 feet away. HoloPatch is printed using special card stock.

How HoloKote is printed

After the colour image has been printed, an overlay layer is added to protect the card from fading and scratching. The Holokote pattern is frosted into the overlay at time of printing. This is a unique patented Magicard feature, and, unlike most other security logos, such as difficult to protect and expensive overlaminate films, involves no extra cost of printing. It’s all done in your printer, at your convenience, and can be printed onto any plastic card.

The Magicard Rio 2e and Tango 2e

Fast, easy to use, and reliable, the Magicard Rio 2e features the patented HoloKote high security system that ensures cards cannot be cloned. This special feature automatically prints a high security watermark onto the card during the print cycle without incurring extra consumables costs. With the Rio 2e, the HoloKote pattern can be customized to your logo and text. The Tango 2e is the double-sided version for handling all volumes of

student ID card [http://www.ultramagicard.com/applications/education/] throughput.

Source by Valerie Douard