A lot of students struggle in Intermediate Accounting. I came up with tips that will help you succeed in conquering this course.

1) Have a strong foundation from Principles of Accounting; if you didn’t learn Principles well, you’ll be swamped in Intermediate. If some aspect of Principles confused you, go back and review it, because it’s a sure thing that you’ll encounter the topic again in Intermediate.

2) Some of the material is pretty confusing; don’t give up. When you get confused, leave the material and go back to it another day. Most likely, you won’t understand many of the topics the first time through; be persistent!!

3) Read each chapter before the class in which the chapter will be discussed. This way, what your professor says will make more sense.

4) When doing homework, make an attempt to do the problems by yourself first; try to come up with something before you go into class.

5) Develop a study pattern to try to retain the material conceptually rather than memorizing everything. Educated guesses can then be made on more detailed problems. Trying to memorize every possibility for a situation is impossible and disheartening.

6) If you have questions, seek answers immediately. Unasked questions can badly affect you and your classmates.

7) Keep up with the work! Falling behind is devastating.

8) Don’t wait until the last minute to study. You should start studying approximately one week before an exam.

9) Put extra effort into the course, because the material isn’t easy; but on the other hand, it is not impossible to learn.

10) Take lots of notes in class – especially any of the examples and illustrations placed on the blackboard. Review the notes as soon after class as possible and read over your notes each night to become even more familiar with the material. Then when you study you will not be learning all new material. You can skim over what you already know and concentrate more fully on what you don’t know.

11) Make an outline of the chapter for yourself, so you can study from that instead of the book. Putting the text material in your own words often helps you clarify the material.

13) Put a star next to topics in the book that your professor emphasizes and pay particular attention to those as you prepare for the exam.

14) Don’t study the chapters with a friend until you have studied them first by yourself.

15) Take advantage of your professors office hours. They can be quite helpful.

16) Space out your time during an exam so that you have a chance to work on every problem.

17) Try not to miss any classes.

If you follow these tips, the course will be so much easier

Source by John Kor