If you are living abroad, then it never means that you are staying away from your family. Keep in touch with your family from abroad to India as it becomes easier as well as faster by means of banking Services. There are a lot of Indians are living in overseas like United Stated, United Kingdom, Canada, and many more countries, and benefited from these Non-Resident Indians baking services. Such kind of banking services is helpful to make investments as well as payment. In addition, several NRIs decide on such services to take the advantage of the loans, facilities of bill payment, etc.

The eligibility measure for such banking services is uncomplicated as well as understandable. Any Person of Indian Origin, which is normally called as the PIO, is qualified to make use of these special banking services. A person is called as a PIO at what time he or she has a number of specific characteristics, and these are –

He or she needs to have an Indian passport for having the facility of the NRI Banking service. He or she must have grandparents or parents who were residents of India according to the Act, 1955 (57 of 1955) of Constitution of India or Citizenship.

He or she should be married to a person who belongs to India.

The only exclusion here is for those persons who live in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are needed to get special authorization from the RBI or the Reserve Bank of India to use such banking facilities.

The most important emphasize of this kind of services is its payment facility to India. It will send your money as soon as could possible. You no need wait for a lot times for transferring your money to India, and thus, your family or friends will also get it very quickly, and for that reason it could used even in any urgency. As a result, you would be just near to your home even from abroad through such baking services.

You would be able to pay the bill to India from any country over the world. On the other hand, remitting funds to India is not completely free of difficulties. You may well face troubles relating to the high commissions of the agents. But, there is another significant attribute of NRI Banking services its is loan facility.

You may well access three types of banking facilities, and those are Non-Resident External or NRE, Foreign Currency Non-Resident or FCNR and the Non-Resident Ordinary or NRO. You possibly will choose any of these mentioned bank service, as these all come together with a number of advantages, which you search out in rare cases. For that basis, you are recommended to go for such bank services to keep in touch with your family during their needs even from abroad.

Source by Vijay K Shetty