Brownfields are real property sites that has been left been left idle, underutilized or completely abandoned due to many factors including environmental contamination from previous use. The expansion, redevelopment and reuse of these Brownfields may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant.

The National Center for Sustainable Development (NCSD) is a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington, DC., led by its president, Mitchell Stanley. Executive director, Charles Epperson is based in Austin, Texas and a trustee, Stuart A. Jones, is located in Dallas. The Brownfields Stewardship Fund is a supporting organization of the National Center for Sustainable Development and was itself established as a separate 501 c 3 corporation.

NCSD served as the honest broker between the private holders of environmentally impaired assets and the public sector at all federal, state and local levels. Most real property assets in this category are unusable to the holder but may be well located and have significant economic development potential to a nearby community. The mission includes the process of selling the newly cleaned and renovated property at a fair market value which will not be done unless the properties have been properly certified..

Many different sectors and individuals will benefit every time the mission completes a project. Clearly the individual who owned the environmentally damaged real estate will benefit. They will no longer be responsible for the property and land that are of no use to them or the community because of the contamination. The local community benefits the most from this kind of partnership. Brownfields Stewardship Fund helps renovate ailing communities, halt the spread of urban bight, get rid of eyesore properties, raise local property values and create an overall safer, sunnier neighborhood for people to live in. These factors will give an economic boost to the value of the community.

Brownfields Stewardship Fund is the true agent for change and device for environmental justice for affected residents and communities. The Fund’s mission is to organize the resources of capital, environmental expertise, legal and regulatory to contract for the clean up, marketing and return to production of an idle property asset. The proceeds of the ultimate transfer of the asset after costs will be used by the NCSD to continue its work and promote its mission.

Source by Erin Hunt