The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is located in the UK and specializes in offering training and qualification in management accountancy and other related subjects, with an emphasis on developing the profession of management accounting in the UK and worldwide.

CIMA is perceived as the largest and the most relevant management accounting body in the world, with over 200,000 members and students in 176 countries. It operates a Master Degree standard scheme designed for qualifying examinations for potential members. In addition, the institute specializes in promoting local education, training and management development as well as deals with the promotion of new techniques.

Sri Lanka is among countries that have CIMA-accredited institutions. Furthermore, there are institutes that have acquired the name of Learning Partner Institutes which proves the constant improvement, high pass rate and rigorous quality standards.

Since there is a growing need for highly educated and employable specialists, it is important to receive proper education today. Sri Lanka is known to have dedicated educationists who possess an unrivalled teaching experience and years of industry. This ensures students get sound education to become valued members of our changing society.

It is important to know that CIMA-qualified individuals become leaders competent in each area of an organization. That’s why students in Sri Lanka choose to study management accountancy. With CIMA, you will not only get a job, you will acquire global recognition that will help you migrate and moreover, you will get the right set of abilities to build the career you have dreamt about. The skill set includes:

• Analysis – analyze information and use it to make wise business decisions;
• Strategy – develop business strategies;
• Risk – identify and manage risk and help organizations achieve their goals;
• Planning – use accounting techniques to plan and budget;
• Communication – analyze what information management requires and define the numbers to non-financial managers.

CIMA Sri Lanka is focused on four major objectives:

• To promote knowledge on business applications and implications of accounting standards among its members;
• To promote technical and theoretical knowledge on accounting;
• To engage members in terms of financial accounting initiatives;
• To facilitate the professional development of its members.

How to Study CIMA in Sri Lanka

When deciding to study CIMA in Sri Lanka you should take into account two things: you should be competent in mathematics and know the English language well. In addition, students are provided with the flexibility of studying full time or part time based on their needs.

Source by Anna John Raynor