Post-it notes are like spring mousetraps: a classic function-based design that is difficult to improve upon. You can paint a mousetrap a different colour or opt for custom sticky notes but in essentials the object remains the same.

Unlike other design icons post-it notes are stuck on walls to enable them to perform their role. Their point is to be noticed. Pre-printed sticky notes will stand out more as will your logo and corporate message. This makes them the perfect promotional product.

Post-it notes came before emails, texting and social network websites and will probably outlast them all. It is not for nothing that many are stuck to computer VDUs and laptop cases. A custom printed sticky note is seen as the sure way of getting a message across.

If someone wants to make sure that certain information gets to its destination quickly then the first option considered is normally a post-it note and sometimes more than one. If the person has an office down the corridor then the simplest method is to stick it on the office door. If it is a pre-printed post-it note then not only will the intended person read it but so will everyone else in the office. They will see your logo as well.

If they can get into the office then the post-it note will be stuck to the desk or more likely to the wall. I have seen custom sticky notes on cars, in reports and on files. There is no place that is free from them.

Any vertical surface, be it painted, metal or glass, seems fair game for a post-it note. They can define ownership, from a simple one on the fridge to a more threatening pre-printed sticky note on the item of food itself.

Despite the fact that there is seemingly no place where someone at some time has not fixed a post-it note, still more uses for them are found every day. Many a time a custom sticky note has been placed over the infra-red receiver on a DVD recorder with a note to say it is in use.

As far as price per view goes it is difficult to think of many promotional products that come anywhere near to post-it notes. They are placed where they will be seen, and not only by the intended recipient. They are kept, passed from person to person and even used for reference. If your company name and motto is on the pre-printed sticky note then it will go on being seen until the message gets through.

The post-it note is an icon of the 20th century. It will go on being used for a long time to come. You can, no doubt, think of other uses for one. Make a note of it, perhaps on a leaf from that custom sticky note pad on your desk.

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Source by Darren Leigh