Quicken personal finance software has many customers and is a well regarded product, however the decision by Intuit to withdraw the product from the UK is causing many of their customers problems.

Is Personal Accountz money management software a good alternative? We investigate in this article.

Although many existing Quicken customers can, and do, use their software to manage their personal finances, they experience problems when they upgrade their operating system. UK versions do not work on the latest operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7.

So if an older PC starts to fail and a new PC or laptop is required, existing customers can be left high and dry. They have to either just use spreadsheet for their personal accounts, or find another system to use.

The problem for these people is that Microsoft has also withdrawn the excellent Microsoft Money product from the UK so selecting suitable money management software is starting to become more difficult.

Luckily there is a UK based personal accounts product available that is well regarded, easy to use, and most importantly supported by an English company that has ambitious plans for its futures. It’s product is called Personal Accountz and it is being actively developed and supported by Accountz.com.

Not only is Personal Accountz fully compatible with Windows 7, it is also works with the MAC Snow Leopard operating system and even Linux.

Being able to run Personal Accountz on a number of operating systems is a definite plus, but so is it’s price. It costs only £39 including VAT and you get unlimited free forum support should you run into any problems using it. You can also buy boxed versions of the software that includes a CD and hard copy manual so you are never far from assistance if you need it.

Quicken users can easily export their data into Personal Accountz via QIF files so the transition to this actively supported product is as straightforward as possible.

Of course there are differences in the way these two programs work and it will take the user a bit of effort to learn how to use their new accounts package, but in general, those who switch to Personal Accountz find it quick and intuitive to use.

There are many reports and budgeting tools to help manage various accounts and expenditure as well as keep track of you current financial position. Above all, though, Quicken users who do need to switch will be reassured that they are transitioning to a UK based company and product that is both well supported and being continually improved by a company with ambitious plans for the future.

Source by Chris Ray