Is it alright to dream for a world of free and clean electricity? Nicola Tesla dreamt about it 121 years ago. He almost made it but faith was against him. His sponsor withdrew his financial support when he learned that Nicola Tesla was building it for free. Actually he successfully built a prototype of the magnifying transmitter device that he used to harness radiant energy from the sky.

Let us first find out if our present scientists and electrical engineers have the technical knowhow to make Nicola Tesla’s dream a realization. As a matter of fact, I believe we already have the 50% and all we need is to workout for the remaining 50%. Where did I get this huge guess from? Well, you see, the principle of free energy was already given to us by Nicola Tesla more than a century ago. It is just a matter of improving it and developing a new electrical distribution system designed for free energy program.

It seems too easy to say that, well you are right. But I still think it is workable if all of us will cooperate with each other. You see, free radiant energy system is a device and technique that could make us harness energy from the sky or from the ground. This free energy could be transformed into usable electricity so that we do not have to pay electricity every month. I strongly believe that it is a good idea to make this dream come true? Now, let us find out other alternatives on how to generate free electricity other than radiant energy. However, let us confine it just into four criteria. First, it must be efficient, second, it must be reliable, third, it must be cost effective and lastly it must be environmental friendly.

These are the three alternative free energy systems that I think meets our criteria: 1. A solar power panel harness heat from sunlight and transform it into electricity. 2. A wind power collects wind pressure to rotate the blades of the wind turbine and converts it into electrical power. 3. A magnetic power generator generates power by using magnets and magnetic coils to produce electricity.

Someone succeeded in generating electricity by using TV and Radio circuitry. It was verified that these signals also possess electromagnetic energy that could be transformed into electrical energy. Radiant energy is available in the atmosphere all the time, every day and night, in the form of cosmic rays and solar radiation.

Meanwhile, just to remind you that dealing with electricity are always associated with a dangerous risk. Extreme care should be practiced at all times. If you have plan to build one of these devices, be sure to strictly follow their instructions. As a matter of fact, it would be better to build a small prototype first before attempting to build a bigger one.

I admire not only Nicola Tesla’s ingenuity but most of all, his concern over humanity. His inventions were all motivated with of providing comfort for all of us. He is one of a kind of dreamer, but also with a vision. Free energy is available everywhere, it is just a matter of how we are going to harvest it. It is up to us to harvest it.

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Source by Orlando Racelis