More and more businesses are using resume scanning software designed to pick up keywords in resumes to determine who does and does not make the cut. The software scans the document seeking pre-programmed words or phrases specific to the job they are hiring for. This brings about the question, how do I get my resume to be picked up by the scanning software as a resume chosen to be sent on to the next stages of the interviewing process?

The key to success is to include these key words in the body of your resume where ever you can. Keywords are not words like team work, communication or self-motivated, those are attributes that you may possess. Keywords also called buzzwords are those words that are specific to the position and the job description. For instance if the company is hiring for a Level II Medical Coder you would want to include skills specific to medical coding as key words to steer the software to your resume. Some examples would be ICD-9, CPT, HIPAA regulations, medical terminology or ICD-10. It is also important to note various software programs or systems that you are knowledgeable of that may be specific to the industry in which you are applying. An accounting graduate would want to use keywords like financial management, budget management, fiscal planning, accountant, audits or auditing, analyst, journal entries or journal transactions. The key to success is to get as many keywords into your resume as often as you can without “overkill”. You have to walk a fine balance between the too little and too much, but in the end it can pay off with an interview which of course can lead to a great new job.

Source by Amy Chastek