Chartered Accountancy is one of those qualifications that have advanced impressively over a time of short compass and reformed its scope from only accountancy to a great deal all the more in order to offer employments to people in various fields like auditing, business advisory, managerial posts, key finance positions, risk managers, tax consultants, company secretaries etc. Chartered Accountancy is a lucrative and prestigious qualification and is regarded as the most prominent degree in the field of accountancy.

It is very plausible that the greater part of the organization secretaries, CFOs, CEOs, managers, corporate tax consultants, company directors, internal auditors and bankers holding high positions that you see around you are Chartered Accountants. All external auditors (AUDITORS are individuals who inspect the annual or semiannual financial reports issued by companies, NGOs, etc. and certify to the correctness of information presented in them) are, by procurement of law, Chartered Accountants in Pakistan. Auditors of government substances of Pakistan are not so much CAs. They are people who pass the aggressive exams essential for posting in an administration foundation and may simply have a B.Com foundation. Government auditors work under the guidelines of Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) and Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR).


This is the message of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) for potential candidates who might want to seek a profession in Chartered Accountancy (CA). I must concur that there is all that much truth in it.

It is an extremely settled myth in Pakistan that picking chartered accountancy as a career is stupid on the grounds that it is excessively testing, making it impossible to pass. I can guarantee you that it is simply a fable. CA is an exceptionally proficient accreditation and needs diligent work, keen and standard study to pass it yet it is not something un-achievable. It is likewise an actuality a few students severely get stuck in it. However, the individuals who are stuck are more often than not in the CA last stage and not amid the middle. There are numerous explanations behind that:

FIRST: Students hear such a great amount from individuals around them about CA being extremely troublesome that when they pass CA Inter, they think of it as the accomplishment of a great milestone. This fulfillment combined with some different variables makes the students exceptionally apathetic and not inspired by study.

SECOND: Article-ship is the start of expert life for a student. He hears such a great amount about it being captivating that coming to there is by all accounts a definitive objective. They go on customers where they are dealt with as though they are totally qualified evaluators. This makes them feel that they have come to the last stage and further battle is not needed.

THIRD: Students see a number of their seniors, who leave the firm and effectively find steady employments just on the premise of their CA Inter and finished article-ship. This makes them feel loose that no issue on the off chance that I am not ready to finish it, still I will locate a great job and gain a decent living.

FOURTH: They need to work like a full time representative and at some point even need to invest over energy to finish due date employments. At first when they go to the firm as a crisp student, they are very energetic and need to demonstrate their maximum capacity to their new collaborators. In doing as such they disregard their studies.

FIFTH: Once an individual begins a job and gets to be proficient, it is exceptionally hard to decide for study. In such a circumstance one totally disregards study and gives all his thoughtfulness regarding employment.

SIXTH: Since a learner is similar to a worker for the review firm, the review firm thinks almost no about their students finishing their CA qualification. There is no routine of acknowledging students to take part in their studies rather they do the inverse. Their state of mind is more like that of the general manager and studies appears to be exercise in futility and their benefits for them so they underscore more on work than studies.

So one should not chase a myth and give up. All you need is dedication, motivation and hard work to get through chartered accountancy qualification.

Source by Aliza Justin