We are severely restricted from exploiting our abilities if we do not enjoy a good education. A college degree is very essential to enjoy a good and satisfying career. However, going to college or a private university is not cheap. You cannot avoid taking debts to finance your education. This is true for most students and that is why student loans are very popular.

It is natural for a student to worry only about studies during college. However, proper repayment of the loan begins to loom large after graduation. Reality bites and it bites hard. If you find your student loan to be beyond your repayment capacity, why not consider a student loan consolidation to restructure your finances and organize your numerous loans. Read ahead for some tips in this regard. 

Step 1 – Research is a must

Study lenders as hard as you studied for your exams. Do you research well and always keep in mind that you are the only person who is concerned with your interests. Lenders focus on profits first and nothing else. College must have taught you the importance of homework. Make sure you deal only with reputed institutions.    Almost all reputed lenders offer flexibility as far as applying for the loan is concerned. Most of them accept online applications and also allow you to manage your account over the web. Loan counselors are available online to help you understand the transaction better. 

Step 2 – Separate Federal and Private  

There is a lot of difference between a federal loan and a private loan. Federal loan offers additional benefits which private loans never offer. If you combine your federal loans and private loans into one big loan, you risk losing the federal loan benefits. For example, your repayment towards the federal loan qualifies you for tax deductions. If you combine the two loans, you will lose this benefit as this option is not available with private loans.  

Step 3 – Opt for an affordable payment schedule  

Once you decide to combine your loans, you will have to pay interest at a much lower rate. Further, you will get more time to repay your loan. On the whole, you should use these benefits to make regular repayments with minimum stress on your finances. If you can afford it, try paying more than your minimum monthly repayments. When times are good, it makes sense to repay loans quickly so that they are not around to trouble you when your finances take a beating. Make it a point to pay at least 33% extra to repay your loan a lot faster. Do this only if you can afford it. 

If you pay more than necessary, your loan will quickly come down at a much faster rate. Your wise decision to go in for student loan consolidation will definitely improve your finances. However, do keep in mind that blindly choosing just any lender will only cause more harm than good.

Source by Michael Clifford Ramsey