Every believer is blessed with all possible spiritual blessings. The home church can help them understand the aspect of financial blessing. People tend to misunderstand when you use the word blessing to mean unlimited wealth and riches. If God wants to give you unlimited wealth then he may have a purpose and plan.

It is wrong to insist that every Christian has a right to such unlimited wealth. The prosperity teachers may insist that every believer should be wealthy and rich. But this is not scriptural, true nor accurate. In the book of proverbs chapter 30 we come across the prayer for two things. One is not to give him too much wealth and riches because he might forget God. The other prayer is not to be poor because he might steal and bring shame to God’s name.

Paul talks about contentment. He says that contentment with godliness is great gain. We need to learn contentment. It is wrong to charge credit cards for every wish and desire we have. We need to learn to discipline our eyes and minds from lusting after material things. Home church lovingly can turn our eyes away from material things to Jesus.

Proverbs 23 warns us not to desire to become rich. Why feast your eyes on things that will disappear. Material things have done enough damage to millions of people today. We live in a world where new things are introduced every day. We do not need most of them. They compel us to think we need them. You may not have the money to buy so you charge it to credit cards. In most cases even if you had the money you should not be buying these which you do not need.

Financial discipline is to take stock of your income and expenses. Keep a close and careful watch on your spending. Eliminate all that you could have done without. The bible says we should be happy with food, shelter and clothing. Today if you look at an average American family you will find 50 % of stuff that they do not need, yet they possess. Home church can teach us the value of financial discipline.

God enables you to get a job or business to make a living. Your finances are limited. But most people would agree that the income will cover basic necessities like food, utilities, clothing and rent. If they lived within those limitations, they still can be happy and peaceful. If you do not have cash do not buy. Pray that God will provide if you really needed it.

It is when you start going above your means to get things that you do not really need the trouble starts. Only the home church teaches us with patience how to live within our means.

Source by Robert R Fenn