Let’s face it Linden Dollars (L$) is very important to all residents of Second Life. L$ is the life blood of your Second Life. Without L$, your Second Life experience wouldn’t be as enjoyable as you expect or want it to be.

When you start your new life in Second Life you don’t get any L$. You start with nothing but this case only applies to those who registered with a Basic Account. Those who registered with a Premium Account will get a sign-up bonus of 1,000L$, a weekly stipend of 300L$ and the ability to buy and own Land but still those are not enough. As you go along your life in Second Life, you’ll soon find out that the 300L$ weekly stipend is not enough and then you’ll realize that you need other ways to get or even earn L$ to continue enjoying your newly found lifestyle in Second Life.

Well, the fastest way to get L$ into your account is to purchase them from Linden Labs 1 but what if you don’t want to pay extra since you are already a Premium Member or what if you are a Basic Member with no means of purchasing from Linden Labs? Don’t worry, it’s not the end.

Easy Ways to Earn L$ for your Second Life

Get a Job

One of the best way to earn L$ is by getting a job. There are thousands of businesses in Second Life. Examples are banks, clubs, whore houses, stock exchanges, malls, and shops but these are just some of it. These businesses needs manpower to function and business owners are always looking to hire people with the necessary skills to fill up various positions like dancers, greeters, promoters, managers, security guards, escorts, writers, graphic artists, programmers, builders, scripters, texturers and many, many more. If you’ve the skills then find the matching job and apply for it. Remember, not all jobs pay with tips. There are many jobs that pays from 500L$ to 10,000L$ per hour but you have to find them and to help you find these jobs visit Second Life Jobs.

Second Life Jobs lists job openings from all over Second Life. It is updated daily and you don’t have to register to view available jobs.


There are many residents in Second Life who doesn’t want to get a job because of various reasons. Maybe they don’t like working for someone, maybe they don’t have the time for it or maybe they are just plain lazy but whatever their reasons may be they still can earn L$ and that is by camping.

There are different forms of camping but the general idea is that you get paid for staying on someone’s land thus increasing his land’s traffic numbers. Camping rates had dropped considerably after the gambling ban which forced thousands of casinos in Second Life out of business but there are still many good camping spots out there like the ones found here and here.

Join a Contest

Contests are great and it is fun. Trivia, Best in Theme, Landscaping, Logo Making and Writing are just a few of them. My favorite contest is the Best in Theme and you can get an idea of it here.

Join Research Panels or Groups

Research Panels or Groups conducts research studies through surveys and the results of these studies are used by businesses both in Second Life and in Real Life. Earning potential from these groups ranges from 250L$ to 10,000L$ per completed survey and sometimes bonuses are awarded depending on the survey.

* First Opinions Panel

* Reperes-Second Life

* Market Truths Limited

Complete Offers from Earn2Life

At Earn2Life you earn money by completing free offers. These offers will be to sign up with various companies online. You are only to sign up with those that you are really interested in. You will get paid L$20 – L$100 depending on which country you are from and your membership level for every offer you take.

With Earn2Life, you can earn up to 2,000L$ per day just by completing offers and the earning potential grows as your membership level increase. Visit Earn2Life to learn more.

Complete Surveys

Hippie Pay, MyLindens and the Money Egg are the most popular form of paid surveys in-world. You don’t have to sign-up to take a survey. All you have to do is find one of their ATMs, touch it to get the survey link, complete the survey and get paid after.

The problem with these paid survey service is that not everyone can do them. They cater mostly to US Second Life residents and to a few non-US Second Life residents.

Explore The Grid with Hoppy Pay

This is rather a different way to earn L$. It is the reverse of camping. Instead of staying in one place, with Hoppy Pay, you get paid by hopping (teleporting or moving) from place to place. Learn more about Hoppy Pay.

Join Slam-X and get paid to post

Getting paid with L$ to post is something that is new to Second Life and Slam-X offers that to it’s members but Slam-X is not all about getting paid to post. Getting paid to post is just a small part of what Slam-X is really about. Visit Slam-X to learn more.

Become a Creator

The most important thing that attracted me to Second Life is the ability to create and build things in-world. I find it fascinating and intriguing that is why during my first weeks I did nothing but learn how to build objects in Second Life. In fact, I started 3 Stars and a Sun as a personal Sand Box.

Good creators like builders, scripters, fashion designers, landscapers, texture and skin makers can always put up a shop to sell their creations or they can offer their skills to other businesses that needs them.

Other Ways to Earn L$

There are other ways of earning L$ in Second Life like setting up a business but that’s too complicated and takes a lot of time. Another way and also an easy way to earn L$ is to become an Escort but I wouldn’t suggest that path unless of course you really want to. A much more easy way to earn L$ is to beg for it but again I also wouldn’t suggest it. What I can suggest is, if you have a blog or a website, that you blog about it. You’ll earn linden dollars from referral links like for example First Opinions Panel pays 100L$ for every new member you refer. Another example is Slam-X which pays 50L$ per referral.

Earning or getting Linden Dollars to finance your Second Life is not that hard and with the ways mentioned above, I hope you earn enough linden dollars to fully enjoy your Second Life.

Source by Romelo Itong